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勒索软件对全球数以百万计的企业是一个不断增长的威胁. The attacks are getting more sophisticated and effective — wreaking havoc on victimized businesses.


  • Ransomware is the most common malware threat — targeting nearly all types of businesses and home users (达通)
  • The leading tactics that hackers use to execute ransomware attacks are email phishing campaigns, 软件漏洞, 和(RDP)远程桌面协议漏洞(网络安全 & 基础设施安全机构)
  • 1 in every 6,000 emails businesses receive have suspicious URLs that entails ransomware (Fortinet)
  • 企业在遭受勒索软件攻击后,平均停机时间为21天(Coveware)

换句话说, 每一家企业都有一项艰巨的任务,就是保护自己免受勒索软件的攻击, 但让我们从头开始.



勒索软件是一种阻止用户访问文件的恶意软件, 一个系统, 或者一种设备,直到你支付资金——主要是以加密货币的形式. 黑客利用勒索软件在终端加密公司和私人数据, 威胁删除或拒绝系统访问.

在很大程度上, hackers make demands for the initial decryption key to recover your IT system or business data or can demand ongoing payments to prevent them from releasing your business data to the public or onto the dark web.

Since ransomware attacks are growing more aggressive and can bring any business to a grinding halt, 你需要重新评估你的组织:

  • 网络安全防御
  • 操作过程
  • 操作策略



1. 备份你的企业数据

Having an up-to-date backup is the most effective way to defend your business against ransomware attacks. Backups secure your business’s uptime when an attacker infects your business’ data or system.

与备份, all you’ll have to do in the event of a ransomware attack is to roll back to the previous version of your data and continue with normal operations. Regularly backup your business’ data offline or out-of-band where attackers cannot target.

使用 云ballbet体育平台 备份你的业务数据是更好的,原因如下:

  • 攻击者不能轻易破坏云备份
  • 为了业务连续性,恢复信息更容易
  • 云备份足以抵御毁灭性的勒索软件危机

More importantly, backups are critical when the decryption of a ransomware infection is impossible. To 确保备份是可靠的,定期测试备份以确认它们没有被感染.

2. 创建计划和政策来处理勒索软件攻击

Your business can have a program to detect, prepare and respond to a ransomware attack incident. The plan should define procedures and communications your IT team share in the event of a ransomware attack.


  • A list of partners you should notify about ransomware attack incidents, including law enforcement
  • Having a suspicious email policy that trains workers on what to do when they receive an email they’re unsure about
  • 如果您的业务受到勒索软件攻击,应遵循的程序

Plans and policies are crucial because they prepare your business’ response to successful ransomware attacks and help you resume operations quickly.

3. 检查端口设置

Nearly all ransomware exploits the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) port 3389 and SMB (Server Message Block) port. Check if your business should leave these ports open and limit connections to only trusted hosts. 检查云环境和本地环境的端口设置.

对于云环境,使用 你的云ballbet体育平台 提供商禁用你的业务没有使用的RDP端口.

4. 保持你的IT系统与时俱进


过时的程序或操作系统缺乏最新的安全补丁, 这是黑客可以访问您的系统的漏洞吗.

Update your computers’ operating systems and programs regularly to get the latest security patches to cover the security loopholes. The latest security patches give cybercriminals a hard time when trying to exploit your programs or operating system vulnerabilities.

更重要的是, updates reduce the number of exploitable entry points attackers use to run a ransomware attack.

The best practice is to turn on auto-updates so that your business can utilize the latest security patches.

5. 向你的团队教授安全意识

培训你的团队关于网络安全是另一个有效的方法来阻止勒索软件.  毕竟,如果你的员工可以:

  • 识别并正确应对恶意邮件
  • 安全使用公司电脑
  • 安全执行交易,每个人都将在保护您的业务中发挥作用.


  • 切勿点击垃圾邮件或未知网站中的恶意链接. 相反,他们可以将电子邮件指向 它支持团队. Clicking malicious links from your business’ computer can automatically download ransomware that infects your entire IT system.
  • Avoid opening suspicious email attachments because it can get ransomware into your system and give it control over your computers.
  • Stop using unknown storage media on business computers because a hacker might have infected it and leave it in an open place to entice an employee to use it on your system.
  • 只使用已知的下载源,以减少下载勒索软件的风险.
  • Use a standard account instead of an account with elevated privileges whenever possible.
  • 对敏感事务使用VPN.

Creating security awareness and training programs ensures your employees have the skills to protect your business and enhance cybersecurity readiness.

6. 使用入侵检测系统(IDS)检测恶意活动

IDS监视您的网络或系统以发现恶意活动. 该软件将网络流量日志与已知的威胁进行比较. An IDS can be a critical cybersecurity tool because it prevents many advanced threats from passing through your system.

最重要的是, 如果您在防火墙上实现IDS, 你会让黑客更难在不被发现的情况下访问你的网络.

7. 定期进行漏洞扫描

Hackers constantly scan systems on the internet to identify unpatched systems for attacks. The global nature of the internet allows attackers to take advantage of vulnerabilities.

即使存在补丁, a hacker can exploit the lag time between the security flaw becoming known and a patch being released to a given system. As a result, you need to execute regular scanning to reveal missing patches in real-time.


勒索软件攻击可以使任何业务瘫痪, 对中小型企业来说,潜在的后果可能更糟. Your business can lose access to its data, backups, and integral system that allows daily operation.

近40%的支付赎金的企业再也无法访问他们的数据. 也就是说,你不能忽视对勒索软件的保护. 您的业务需要主动的网络安全管理ballbet体育平台,例如:

  • 数据保护,包括媒体文件、文档和程序
  • 钓鱼防御解决方案,阻止甚至最先进的身份欺骗
  • Recommendations anti-ransomware tools that stop ransomware before it can harm your files
  • Reliable backup that will ensure continuity of your business in the event of a successful ransomware attack

ballbet平台 will offer you the tech support your business needs to stop and defend you against ransomware attacks. ballbet平台 今天,以保护您的系统免受潜在的恶意软件和勒索软件.

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